Sunday, August 10, 2008

Man sires 170+ children thanks to God's help

According to BBC news

What kills me about this article isn't the rabbit-like fecundity in a world pushing close to 7 billion people (although it's a good start), it's the constant attempts to justify the irresponsible behavior with religion.

The guy just marries whoever comes to him and chalks it up to Allah's will. And he lures them in with a phony "faith healing" gimmick.

Some of the quotes from the article are hair-rippingly awful:

As soon as I met him the headache was gone," says Sharifat Bello Abubakar, who was 25 at the time and Mr Bello Abubakar 74.

"God told me it was time to be his wife. Praise be to God I am his wife now.

Since when was a headache going away a miracle from God to marry someone? That's insane.

Meanwhile, the people in the complex don't work, so they're very poor, and it's likely that the kids beg for money in the streets. And the faith healing isn't working so great either - two of the kids died. Apparently, God is only on headache duty.

And to top it all of, he says that he talks to Mohammad personally. So, naturally, the Muslim authorities denounce his activities and consider his group a cult. Good. The sooner the kids get adequate care, the better.

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