Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Ghosts: the only logical explaination for anything strange

101 signs that you've encountered a ghost

Written by a "clairvoyant advisor" from PyschicHaven.com, so you just know the advice is bound to be deliciously bad.

Apparently, any unusual or strange phenomenon at all (ranging from unexplained foul odors to daily screams in the distance) is a good indicator that ghosts are afoot. Even your nephew's imaginary friend is probably the bodiless soul of someone who died and now wanders the Earth spooking people. Nothing else could possibly make more sense than that, right?

And the list even has really freaky stuff like your house's walls bleeding, talking to your dead grandma on the telephone, and seeing someone at the mall who doesn't have a face. Oooh, spooky! Wait...no face? Seriously??

Most of the "ghostly" activity people report seems wholly explicable (if sometimes a bit unnerving). For instance, I've seen a rocking chair rock by itself, and doors blow open and shut, and I've heard newspapers rustle without anyone else nearby. It's called the wind.

And it's interesting just how quickly people just to ghost explanations when there's a near infinite number of potential supernatural or mythological beings that are equally reasonable to assume. Why can't demons be blamed for the bloody wall? Or rearranged furniture be the work of mischievous fairies? The culprit is whatever the person imagines it to be. And for about a third of the American public, that culprit is a ghost.

So watch out fair reader, for the next time you get a unexpected massage from someone who isn't there, it might be a ghost! o_O

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