Monday, September 29, 2008

The Unknowable God

While I'm on the subject of agnosticism, it's not uncommon to see God depicted as unknowable or so far beyond human comprehensibility that we couldn't possibly make sense of God's will (this coincidentally happens to be around the same time some aspect of God is criticized).

Yet, in churches around the country, not only is God knowable, people assert a surprisingly large body of claims about God: he's male, he's white (if the speaker is white) or black (if the speaker is black), he created the universe/life on Earth, he punishes some and rewards others based on what they do or do not believe, he begat himself in human form and got himself crucified to atone for sin, he prohibits certain kinds of sex and certain kinds of food, he boldly makes his presence known through slightly burnt toast, he's responsible for certain hurricanes and other (super)natural disasters, he blesses and punishes whole countries, and some even go so far as to assert that they know which political party or candidate God endorses.

That God seems pretty darn knowable to me. His followers stop just short of listing his favorite color.

So what gives? I thought God was unknowable and couldn't be comprehended by our feeble human minds.

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