Friday, October 3, 2008

Is the culture war winding down?

Seems like things have been pretty quiet lately.

Sure, PZ still gets crazy e-mails from believers who apparently want to beat him up and Pat Condell's new video gets taken down from YouTube for "hate speech" reasons.

But by and large, it seems like the ongoing conflict between the religious right and everybody else is slowing down a bit. Remember when Intelligent Design was all the rage? It hardly makes the news anymore. Nowadays, you can't even scare people with the "War on Christmas" stuff (but it's too early to call, maybe this year they'll go all out) It's hard even say "fundamentalist" except as a punchline (for example, the ongoing trouncing of Palin's simple faith online and in print).

What's a poor atheist with nothing to do except watch the economy circle the drain?

This is all your fault, Joe Sixpack, for not "lending" (and by lending, I mean giving away) at least $700 billion to corporate scum who drove their respective giants into the ground. Only the poor fear bankruptcy - the rich just get subsidized at taxpayer expense.

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