Thursday, October 30, 2008

Hagan responds to Dole's attack

Her campaign finally responded to the ongoing furor over Dole's bigoted attacks ...almost a month later. Geez, glad she got back to us on that before election day.

A lot of bloggers have already weighed in on this (Friendly Atheist, PZ, Atheist Ethicist, Poly, etc) so I'll be brief:

It does tick me off that she pulled a Mitt Romney and when attacked for not being religious enough for office (a concept that alternately amuses me and scares the heck out of me), she had a golden opportunity to call Dole out on her bigotry, but failed to do so, calling the attack "slander" and "pathetic" and going through a laundry list of her godly virtues, presumably to wipe away the atheist taint in people's minds that the attacks have generated. (Mitt Romney did much worse than that by endorsing the very bigotry he was attacked with, declaring that "we need a person of faith to run this country")

It's a missed opportunity for Hagan to stand up for us demonized atheists to be sure, but it wasn't terrible. But reading some people's reactions, they make it sound like she spit on Charles Darwin's grave or something. Call me overly charitable, but methinks some people are reading too much into it and taking offense where there probably isn't any intended.

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