Thursday, October 9, 2008

Elizabeth Dole is so not getting my vote

The weird thing is, I never even heard of Hagan until Senator Dole lashed out against her for *gasp* consorting with atheists.

Well, the latest salvo has my blood boiling. Not only is there reprehensible fear-mongering (atheists apparently want to destroy Christmas), but she did hit pieces on two of the most amiable bloggers in the atheosphere, the Friendly Atheist and Daylight Atheism. As far as I know, neither of them actually live in NC, so they can't let her know the error of her ways on election day, but I do, and I'll be waiting at the ballot box.

And lastly, who the hell does she think she is to dictate "North Carolina values"?? WTF. She didn't even start living in this state until 2001, and she didn't live here for 40 years prior, even though she was born here back when we still had ironclads. She's a North Carolinian in the same way that Hillary is a New Yorker. And she sure as heck isn't an adequate spokeswoman for our "values". Even though North Carolina is a red state (think Jesse Helms), we're not all xenophobic country bumpkins and we aren't all scared of atheists. In fact, some of us are atheists ourselves, and this atheist is sick of politicians pandering to religious bigotry to get elected.

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