Tuesday, October 21, 2008

It's a battleground state. Literally.

Geez, voter intimidation is going on like crazy.

From tire slashing, to death threats for yard signs, to burning yard signs, to window smashing, to harassing folks on the way to the polls, and even a dead bear cub - this election is turning real ugly real fast, and a lot of the really nasty incidents are occurring right here in North Carolina. And it's obvious that a big motivating factor here is race.

This is a long-time red state that might swing for the first time in ages this election, and we have large populations of both rednecks and black folks and a sordid history of racial tensions. With that kind of recipe for disaster, things are going to be nuts around here come election day.

Edited to add - It's so bad that even Al Jazeera is covering our country's fundamentalist right-wing nuts, which has got to win some kind of award in irony.

hat tip to Stupid Evil Bastard

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