Saturday, December 6, 2008

Freedom of religion scares Islamic cleric

Fundamentalists say the darnedest things. Here's a great quote from Saudi Cleric Al-Munajid:

The problem is that they want to open a debate on whether Islam is true or not, and on whether Judaism and Christianity are false or not. In other words, they want to open up everything for debate. Now they want to open up all issues for debate. That's it. It begins with freedom of thought, it continues with freedom of speech, and it ends up with freedom of belief. So where's the conspiracy? They say: Let's have freedom of thought in Islam. Well, what do they want? They say: I think, therefore I want to express my thoughts. I want to express myself, I want to talk and say, for example, that there are loopholes in Islam, or that Christianity is the truth. Then they will talk about freedom of belief, and say that anyone is entitled to believe in whatever he wants... If you want to become an apostate – go ahead. Fancy Buddhism? Leave Islam, and join Buddhism. No problem. That's what freedom of belief is all about. They want freedom of everything. What they want is very dangerous.

Actually, that's a great idea. Open everything up to debate, allow free speech and freedom of belief. Also, allow people to join (or leave) any religious affiliation.

It's funny that guys like him are so scared of granting people these basic freedoms. What are they scared of?

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Ben said...

Muslim Clerics fear one thing only: loss of power. Without an Ummah, they have no power. Every Muslim who apostasizes or converts diminishes their power and income.

The Clerics know that Islam is false; that it was contrived as a source of income, wealth, power & sex slaves for Muhammad. No Imam wants his congregation to discover that fact.

Allah must not be questioned because he can not answer, being an impotent idol.