Saturday, January 10, 2009

Another Panda attack

"I always thought they were cute and just ate bamboo," Zhang said
Every time something like this happens people are always incredibly surprised that a huge bear with formidable teeth and claws and enough strength to take out Chuck Norris could possibly hurt them.

Even the media buys into the fuzzy and harmless depiction of pandas from time to time:
Gu Gu is not your typical soft and cuddly giant panda
Gu Gu is your typical giant panda. Your typical giant panda will maul people who jump into its cage. It's not a puppy, it's a wild animal. It will probably hurt you if you get close to its cage.

But on the other hand, Panda cubs are friendly and absolutely adorable.

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Vince R said...

Not sure who said this but if you sub panda for deer, it is very appropriate "When deers come close to man, it’s out of fear and not for fun / I knew by the age of ten there wasn't a god under the sun"