Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Australian atheist bus ad banned

Telegraph has the story.

In Australia, atheists hoped to put up bus ads saying "atheism – celebrate reason" or "atheism - sleep in on Sunday mornings", but they were banned by the advertising company.

Why, you ask?
Metro has previously allowed adverts from religious groups including anti-abortion campaigners, but says it has now changed its policy to ban all material deemed controversial.
Basically, they get carte blanche to censor whatever they don't like. Ridiculous.

But it's not like this reaction wasn't expected - they gave it a no wayback in November. I guess it's just official now.

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Anonymous said...

While freedom of expression is guaranteed by law, being published is not. I am sure the atheists could be published if they were willing to offer enough cash to the ad company to persuade them to find a loophole in their policy!

Nevertheless, the company has freedom of expression too. They have a right to refuse any customer they dislike and they needn't give any reason. If they want to discriminate, they will bear the consequences in a free society of people boycotting them, picketting them, etc.

This is not "ridiculous" as you say, it is the exercise of our democratic freedoms.