Saturday, January 17, 2009

Bus ad extravaganza!

Muslim bus ad draws protests

Not to be outdone by atheist bus ads, CAIR put up $60,000 worth of bus ads in Broward county, Florida. It says "ISLAM: The Way of Life of Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad."

But the ironically named Americans Against Hate (because it seems that hate is all they do) will have none of that. Their head, Jewish activist Joe Kaufman claims that the ad is deeply offensive and misconstrues Abraham and Moses as followers of Islam (which is something Christians never ever do).

Here's the hilarious part: both groups claim that the other one is affiliated with terrorists.

And the strange thing is that they both sort of have a point. CAIR was investigated (but unindicted) by the Department of Justice as a possible conspirator for a Dallas-based Muslim charity that funneled money to Hamas. Meanwhile, AAH is allegedly affiliated with some Israel-based Jewish terrorist group that was banned in Israel and had its assets seized in the US for its terrorist dealings.

Monotheism: making the world a better place, one nutbar terrorist organization at a time.

But the ensuing biblical slapfest going on between AAH and CAIR is ticking off one County Commissioner. She said, "We have restrictions on cigarettes and adult entertainment, and we should eliminate religious ads hereafter,"

Eliminate all religious ads?? Score one for the atheists, muahaha.

Meanwhile, in the UK, British MPs tabled a motion in parliament against the atheist bus ads because Christians and Muslims supposedly find the atheist bus ads "offensive and morally unhelpful". (these are same people who respectively find evolution and Danish editorial cartoons offensive enough to warrant censorship)

These poor, persecuted souls want the atheist ads silenced and are apparently willing to feign victimization to get it. Mediawatchwatch has the scoop.

Last, but certainly not least, Pink Triangle reports that a British bus driver refuses to drive any bus with an atheist ad on it because it offends him. He's taking the same courageous moral stance that Christians over here do when pharmacists refuse to sell contraception (which is kinda sorta their job) or Muslim cashiers who refuse to scan bacon or beer (again, this sort of falls under the whole job thing). The bus driver reportedly recoiled in shock and horror that there "probably" isn't a god. Yeah, well try getting an IT guy on weekends.

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