Friday, January 2, 2009

Anti-atheist blog makes a factual error, film at 11

Good catch from Friendly Atheist.

Hehe, confusing Africa with a country, those silly apologists. But that's orders of magnitudes less stupid than their usual fare. (A lot of the same people run Atheism Sucks and Atheism is Dead, as well as the now-defunct pre-internet site: "Ye Atheism most foul art mortally wounded, my good sirs", distributed with free copies of the Malleus Maleficarum)

Screw going after trivial slip-ups, there are failboat fleets out there just waiting to be photographed and archived for posterity.

Here's one of my personal favorites: a linkstorm of "excellent" anti-evolution resources. And there's a twist! These aren't your (relatively) high-class AIG or DI sites, we're talking links to sites that are low-quality, even by creationist standards. (the first link is to Conservapedia for crocoduck's sake) All with the author's glowing approval. D'oh!

And let's not forget this example of superb logic: Logic exists, therefore God exists. Seriously.

Geographical errors are the least of their concerns.


J.L. Hinman said...

atheism is nothing but a hate group. atheists are no better than Nazis.

Mandrellian said...

You're a complete failure, JL Hinman. You're either completely ignorant about atheism or you're a barefaced liar.

Ignorance = laziness and there's no excuse for that as _factual_ information about atheism is abundant online. Dishonesty & wilful misrepresentations of people who don't share your philosophy, however, carry a heavier moral burden.

I'll tell you one thing we definitely DO hate though: being labelled, inaccurately & unfairly, by people who don't have the slightest fucking clue what atheism is - or what it isn't.

Comparing people whose only "crime" is to not worship any gods to people who enslaved, tortured & executed MILLIONS of Jewish people in the name of some twisted master-race pseudo-Viking ideology (building on a base oo centuries of _Christian_ anti-Semitism) is the most disgusting, vile & grievously offensive thing I can imagine. I hope you live to one day see precisely how wrong you are about non-religious people. It's a great pity you didn't study history or critical thinking - or even how to make APPROPRIATE comparisons between social groups - when you did your Masters in Theology.

But hey, most educated people know that Theology is basically learning how to convince and re-convice yourself that you already know you're right anyway.

Read this:

Celie said...

who the hell do you people think you are? how dare you look down on another living thing! so what if people don't believe in your god, does that mean that they're going to your hell? NO, because NO ONE KNOWS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU DIE! so, until you show me a zombie that has been to heaven. STOP LOOKING DOWN ON OTHERS! also, don't make fun of africa. Those people are in a genacide, wars, slavery, poverty, and they have to deal with malaria, aids, starvation, over population, cross breeding, and also the animals of the savannah. think about that you snobby americans who sit in your 3 story homes with your plasma tvs that THROW AWAY excess food because you don't want to eat it. You don't deserve to go to your fairy tale made up heaven.