Friday, January 9, 2009

A Christian response to the bus campaign

Via Crosswalk

Basically, the author is smugly amused that the bus ads say that there probably isn't a god rather than saying that there definitely isn't one. In a blinding display of brilliance, he assumes that this indicates a lack of conviction and "demonstrates the weakness of the atheistic argument" (The irony is that if the message was more along the lines of strong atheism, these people would just accuse atheists of being dogmatic. Smug dismal either way.)

Well, as it turns out, the real joke is in the comments. The author didn't do the research and some reader kindly pointed it out to him.

But the mere fact of not understanding what they're talking about sure doesn't stop idiots from repeating the talking point. (who themselves are kindly corrected in the comments)


Vince R said...

Nice one BH! Of course, true believers had no idea that we anticipated this little problem and countered it before it would be voiced. And, despite the "probably", we have reserved all our rights, and as AC Grayling points out, we should be able to apply the same criterion to the god botherer's claims.

Hydra said...

Heh, if you like that, then this one will probably have you in stitches:

Topic Agnostic

A "Christian activist" challenged the atheist bus ads because there isn't “a shred of supporting evidence” that God is not real.

Oh the irony.