Monday, November 17, 2008

An atheist billboard? How offensive!

Considering all the scorn heaped on the atheist bus ad, it's enlightening to look back at the last time the right-wing pundits were mad about "aggressive" atheist advertising:

Way of The Woo has the story: Fox News said that this billboard is offensive. Seriously. Their reputation as a wingnut propaganda machine is well-earned, but this was a new low even for them.

It's absolutely incredible what people think is "offensive" these days. Atheists can't even cough without ticking off a battalion of Christians with persecution complexes. Meanwhile, the religious right freely churns out hate to either zealous applause or indifference - the sheer scope of the hypocrisy is astounding.

Here's a little perception test: check out the following billboards and figure out which ones are offensive and which ones aren't.

If you thought that the first three are horribly offensive and inappropriate attacks on your faith that should be taken down immediately, but didn't flinch at any of the other salvos of overbearing evangelism, ignorance, and just plain creepy screeds - congratulations, you're a fundie.

Fundamentalists are great because they're so forthright and unapologetic - they let you know in advance that they're firmly committed to their supernatural beliefs and nothing will ever change their minds. They're exactly the kind of people that happily put up billboards to castigate atheists as "un-American" and then brazenly claim that it's the atheists who are intolerant. Unbelievable.

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