Thursday, November 27, 2008

The Secular Right

New blog ahoy, Secular Right! (Hat tip to Friendly Atheist)

Card-carrying Liberal atheist baby-eater that I am, I don't know how I should react. Should I cheer the atheism or boo the conservatism? Oh what the heck, I'm in a cheering mood. Welcome, fellow atheists!

They're in good company, too: people like George Will (self-described agnostic), Christopher Hitchens and blogs like Atheist Conservative and Secular Conservative.

And I have to admit, despite political differences, they're generally a much more agreeable bunch than the typical religious-right fare and tend to oppose much of the same nuttery that I object to (like creationism) and support much of the good things I like about America, like liberty, justice, and apple pie. And when we disagree, it'll be a matter of fact and logic, and not a matter of God's will. With any luck, it'll at least wear away the ol' atheist=liberal/communist misconception.

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