Saturday, November 1, 2008

We Don't Need Religion

Pat Condell's latest: Godless and Free

The religions of the world need us. They need our money, our work, our time, our devotion, and most of all, they need us to spread them to more followers in the same manner that the common cold needs to be passed on from host to host. They depend on us for their continuing survival.

And guess what? We don't need them.

We don't need hocus-pocus creation stories or fantastic cosmologies. We don't need vastly inferior and occasionally deranged moralities imposed on us. We don't need to feel ashamed for being human. We don't need barbarous, often violent tribalism. We don't need to hide from knowledge or new ways of life. We don't need to construct elaborate fantasies to console ourselves from grief or frighten us into obedience. We don't need a latticework of impossible beliefs in order to find meaning in life.

We don't need religion.

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