Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Religion Cards

New Humanist has a side-splitting list of religion cards - various religions and denominations get their much-earned mockery in the form of being variously portrayed as obscenely wealthy and sheep-amassing giants who promulgate embarrassingly implausible beliefs and sanctimoniously take offense at nearly everything. (they'll probably take offense to that too) The atheists get off comparatively lightly - geeky and broke perhaps, but not self-deluded.
(Hat tip to PZ)

They really should expand on this idea. How about religion-based MTG cards?

Christians get White.
Pagans/Wiccans get Green.
Satanists get Black, of course.
For Muslims, I'm thinking Red for some reason.
Atheists get Blue (duh, logic and reason)
Jews get...d'oh, only five colors. Well, they get to share Red with the Muslims. That'll work out fine, I'm sure.

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