Monday, November 24, 2008

Broun: It's "One NationUnderGod"

Georgia Rep Paul Broun, or as he's more widely known- that Hitler guy- is here to tell us the proper way to say the Pledge of Allegiance: without any pause between the "one nation" and "under God" parts. Why? In order to emphasize that there is "no separation or implied separation between nation and God." Preferably, you should do it with a Bible in one hand and a burning effigy of the Bill of Rights in the other.

This might be purely coincidental, but it turns out that American politicians fail basic civic literacy tests even worse than your average American and it just so happens that one of the questions politicians failed more miserably the rest of us on was:

6) The Bill of Rights explicitly prohibits:

26.41% of citizens answered that question correctly, 21.24% of elected officials got it right (making for an I-can't-believe-you-hold-public-office score of 5.17%) and 100% of crazy theocratic politicians named Paul Broun are utterly clueless about it.

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