Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Theology professor says atheism contradicts science


Up next, a creationist says that airplanes contradict the theory of gravity.

Contrary to the news headline, his argument seems to be that science must be agnostic on the concept, a conclusion that I agree with. (Similarly, science is agnostic on the existence of tiny, invisible, undetectable fire-breathing dragons but we don't take their existence seriously either) His reasoning is interesting to say the least:
If the world is endless than the science can't prove there's no God,"
*unfalsifiable theory alarm activated, burden of proof shifting detected*
According to the theologian, science and religion do not oppose one another, but should jointly oppose various superstitions and false doctrines.
Poor guy, he doesn't realize that his own religion is assuredly among the superstitions he disdains.
"Knowledge itself is only a building material. It's impossible to live in building materials, you need to build a house. The house is integral world outlook," Osipov believes.
"Integral world outlook"? Oh, he means worldview. Well, yeah, that comes into play frequently - any information people are exposed to is inevitably colored by their preconceptions, beliefs and values. But part of becoming an adult means coming to terms with reality and abandoning faulty beliefs that clash with the facts, having the courage to admit error and constantly striving for greater and greater precision as new facts are uncovered. In that way, even the most esteemed theologian still has a lot of growing up to do.

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